Ambiance & Glamour Events

We all desire to have events that will not only leave us with the 'Wow Factor' but that which will make us and our guests want to have such repeated, having created unique and lasting memories for us.

This with our creative minds, ensuring that your interests, hobbies, themes and personalities are reflected on your special day while you sit back and have a stress free celebration full of fun with your guests from the planning stage to the 'big-day' is what we pride ourselves in.

At Ambiance and Glamour Events, our priority is to put the sparkle back into events and create memories that you will not only relish but cherish for many years to come. Our experienced team of dedicated and friendly consultants are always ready to help "turn your water into wine" and make your plans a joyful reality.

Remember that no two events are ever the same but yours with our glamourous touch can set the pace which will inspire other events!

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